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    Life’s for the Living- Passenger

    This video was made by two of my friends. Watch it, it’s beautiful

    omg i cried, you have to see this!

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    "The Changeling" by John Avanti


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    Please vote for my design in the supernatural design challenge <3!

    You can vote once a day, and i would love all who voted and shared forever!

    Thank you!

    Help out a friend! 

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    The scene I expected in The desolation of smaug….


  7. some picture spam for you all!

  8. bisousmonamour:

    Mikael Persbrandt

  9. This is Mikael Persbrandt. And he is playing Beorn in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

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  10. “I think I share that sense with many of the people in my profession, we never allow ourselves to be truly happy – instead, we begin thinking about the impacts. How am I as a bear? One starts thinking about stuff like that instead of thinking that this could be damn fun… I was never going to be an actor, I liked constructing buildings in balsa wood and wanted to become an astronaut, and it turned out like this.”

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