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    ´´If not me, whoIf not not now, when?´´

    -Emma Watson (UN speech)

    New pencil drawing video here (x)

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    In 1425 Castiel, the last remaining fallen Angel not turned animal, was imprisoned by the Empress Lilith, for the crime of animalism, and for his love affair with the human Angel Slayer of Ardus: Dean Winchester. When the door to the tomb is opened, Dean is returned to him. Only Dean no longer knows Castiel, and the year is 2013.

    READ IT HERE (x)

    Written by: overlord-of-the-bees

    Yes, sometimes I draw pairings too when I feel like it. This story is really really good and you should all read it, I love it! Even so much that I decided to draw fanart of it <3 

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    Life’s for the Living- Passenger

    This video was made by two of my friends. Watch it, it’s beautiful

    omg i cried, you have to see this!

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    "The Changeling" by John Avanti


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    Please vote for my design in the supernatural design challenge <3!

    You can vote once a day, and i would love all who voted and shared forever!

    Thank you!

    Help out a friend! 

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    The scene I expected in The desolation of smaug….


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